waht is Fireproof Aluminum Composite Panel

Our fireproof aluminum composite panel is made of fireproof plastic core with two layers of aluminum sheets. This new decorative material comes with B1 fireproof grade according to GB8624 test. It is green material, as there is no harmful gas during burning.

1. Fire resistant
The outer aluminum sheet and inner fire resistant polyethylene makes the aluminum composite panel has an excellent fireproof performance. The fireproof composite material meets the GB8624 B1 standard and is fire retardant stratified, smoke less and no harmful gas.

2. High strength
The fire resisting ACP uses high quality aluminum with greatly enhanced strength, ensure the performance of wind-pressure resistance, shockproof, and impact resistance.

3. Smooth Surface
The fire resistant aluminium composite panel provide superior and smooth surface, satisfying the modern building with perfect appearance.

4. Easy Processing
The fireproof ACP is easy to cut, slot, punch, bend into circular, rectangular and other shapes and also can be designed to various modeling according to your ideas.

5. Exertion Design
The fire proof composite panel has series of gloss and shape to meet the designer’s great originality, achieve perfect results.