what is Nano Self-Cleaning Aluminium Composite Panel

what is Nano Self-Cleaning Aluminium Composite Panel

what is Nano Self-Cleaning Aluminium Composite Panel

Nano panel inherits all features of traditional PVDF aluminium composite panel, like antipollution, cauterization resistance, fastness and so on. Meanwhile, we apply nanometer high technology during Nano ACP production. This provides our Nano self-cleaning composite panels with superior self-cleaning performance, antipollution property, acid resistance and alkali resistance. The Nano self cleaning panel is an updated decorative material.

Nano self-cleaning aluminium composite panel has better self-cleaning function comparing with traditional PVDF panel. Usually when aluminum wall panel is used for exterior wall for half year, the surface is polluted badly by the dust and rainwater, especially in some projects use inferior silicone sealant. When the panel is dipped in rainwater for long time, there will be some black marks between the seams which is very difficult to be cleaned. This will badly affect the appearance of the wall. Now the Nano panel self cleaning aluminium composite panel solves this problem.

In addition, you could write on the surface of panel with ink pen to distinguish if it is original aluminium composite panel. If the mark could be rubbed away easily, it is proved Nano panel.

Specification of Nano self-cleaning aluminium Composite Panel

Panel thickness 3mm,4mm.5mm,6mm
Panel width 1000mm,1220mm,1250mm,1350mm,1500mm,1570mm
Panel length 2440mm-5800mm,or per customer’s request
Alu. skin thickness 0.25mm,0.30mm,0.35mm,0.40mm,0.45mm,0.50mm
Standard size 1220(W) ×2440(L)mm
core Normal PE core

1. Economic
As a result of its low coating tension, the dust is difficult to adhibit on the surface of the panel. It can be easily rushed away by little rain. This could save you a lot of time cost and labor cost for wall panel cleaning.
2. Environment protection
Super aging resistance, no coating change, no pollution, anti-acid, anti-alkali, solvent resistance.
3. Durable
The Nano aluminium composite panel is more durable, and has advantages like weather resistance, temperature resistance, friction resistance, pollution resistance, and aging resistance comparing with traditional PVDF panel.

Nano ACP Structure

Compare with normal ACP